1. Bus Driver Training

    Experienced drivers must take a 2-hour refresher course annually, while all new drivers must take an 8-hour course in school bus driver safety and first aid.

  2. Compliance & Health/Life Safety

    Browse construction documents for the Scott County Regional Office of Education.

  3. High School Equivalency (GED)

    Find information about obtaining a GED certificate or transcripts.

  4. Home Schooling

    The law requires that the child who is home schooled receives an education at least equivalent to the public school program.

  5. Homeless Students

    The term "homeless children and youth" means individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.

  6. Reading Recovery

    Find reading recovery contact information.

  7. Work Permits & Age Certificates

    For a minor child (ages 0-15 years of age) to be able to work in Illinois, he or she must be issued a work permit. Age Certificates are issued for a minor child (ages 16-20 years of age) for employment purposes if a birth certificate is not official or available.