Lake Michigan Water Project

A significant amount of planning and design work has been taking place to bring Lake Michigan water to the Villages of Lake Villa and Lindenhurst and to Lake County's Grandwood Park and Fox Lake Hills water systems.
Lake Water
Sanitary Sewer Rehab 2016
Sanitary sewers require repairs to improve the pipe strength, promote better flow through the pipes and extend the life of the existing sewers.  Pipes are repaired based on the Sanitary Sewer Assessment Program.   
Sanitary Sewer Lined Pipe
Arden Shores Water Main Replacement
 Lake County Public works is gearing up to begin work on installing a new water main serving the Arden Shores Estates Subdivision.
Sanitary Sewer Root Control - Grandwood Park
Lake County Public Works is working on treating the sanitary sewer main pipes in some of the Grandwood Park subdivision to remove any root growth blocking the sewer mains.  
Root Control