Comprehensive Plan Update


SMC is currently working to update the Lake County Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan (Plan). The Plan provides the framework for the County’s coordinated, collaborative approach to stormwater management, defines SMC’s mission, programs, and services, and provides guidance for SMC as it works to address the County’s stormwater management issues and needs.   

Purpose & Need

Much has changed since the Plan was last updated in 2002. The County’s population has increased by nearly ten percent, flood problem areas and flooding problems (e.g., urban flooding) continue to emerge, increases in rainfall intensity and total annual precipitation have been observed, the green infrastructure approach to stormwater management has emerged on the national scene, the extent and condition – as well as our understanding – of the County’s stormwater infrastructure – both grey and green – continues to change, and regulations (e.g., NPDES Stormwater Program) continue to evolve.

Additionally, SMC – in collaboration with the various municipalities, drainage districts, townships, and other entities responsible for stormwater management in Lake County – has been working hard to address the County’s stormwater management issues and needs. And we’ve had some success. More than 300 projects have been implemented – by SMC, or with funding from SMC – to improve the County’s stormwater infrastructure, buyouts of more than 200 flood-prone properties have been completed across the County, and detailed watershed plans identifying potential stormwater management projects and program have been completed for 18 or the County’s 26 subwatersheds. But there is still more work to be done.

Project Status

SMC’s efforts to update the Plan began in earnest in the summer of 2015, with the launch of a comprehensive Public Outreach & Engagement Process designed to collect input, ideas, and information to help inform the update of the Plan. Through the meetings, workshops, and surveys conducted as part of the Public Outreach & Engagement Process, SMC was able to engage and receive input from more than 400 individual stakeholders, who themselves represented a wide range of interests – from individual property owners to stormwater management professionals to homeowners associations to entire communities, and collect 1,000s of pieces of information regarding Lake County’s current stormwater management issues and needs. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Public Outreach & Engagement Process!

SMC, with the assistance of its project consultants, is currently working to analyze all of the information collected during the Public Outreach & Engagement Process and to combine it with all of the information that SMC already has at hand. The idea is to compile all of this information into a single document that provides an updated, comprehensive summary of the County’s current stormwater management issues and needs and identifies opportunities and strategies for addressing those issues and needs. All of this information will be presented in the updated Plan for use by the various municipalities, drainage districts, townships, and other entities responsible for stormwater management in Lake County. The updated Plan is currently scheduled for completion and release to the public by mid-2016.  

Questions or Comments?

Please contact SMC at 847- 377-7700. 

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