Stormwater Best Practices

Stormwater Best Practices is a term for Best Management Practices (BMPs) which are used to help ensure longevity and improve the health of Lake County's watersheds. BMPs can be implemented by homeowners, businesses, organizations and municipalities. BMPs can be integrated before, during, and after development. BMPs will not only help the environment, but in many cases they also can save you time and money. 
  1. Homeowner Best Practices

    Homeowner Best Practices

    Simple stormwater practices can be applied by the homeowner for water quality, flood reduction and healthy natural resources.

  2. Business/Campus Best Practices

    Business/Campus Best Practices

    Businesses come with buildings and paved parking areas that can increase stormwater runoff and generate pollutants from those areas (i.e., oil, grease, fertilizers, road salt).

  3. Stream & Lake Property Best Practices

    Stream & Lake Property Best Practices

    Stream and lake property owners can do easy things to keep the water clean and the watershed healthy.

  4. Construction Best Practices

    Construction Best Practices

    Checklists and guidance documentation for construction best practices