North Branch Chicago River Watershed

About the Watershed

The North Branch of the Chicago River Watershed planning area covers 95 square miles, with northern and southern boundaries roughly extending from Illinois Route 132 (Grand Avenue) in the City of Waukegan in Lake County south to Dempster Street in Morton Grove in Cook County.

The North Branch of the Chicago River is formed from three tributary streams: the 17 mile Skokie River (or East Skokie), 24 mile Middle Fork (also known as the West Skokie), and the 14 mile West Fork. From their origins in Lake County, these tributaries flow south into Cook County where they converge to form the main stem of the North Branch. 

North Branch Planning Committee (NBPC)

The NBPC meets quarterly as a group (open to the public) is discuss ongoing and future projects that address flood mitigation, stormwater management, and green infrastructure improvements int he watershed. For more information, contact Ashley Warren. Quarterly meetings are held: February, May, August, & November. 
North Branch Chicago River Watershed Map


  • Skokie River
  • Middle Fork
  • West Fork
North Branch Watershed Consortium
The NBWC's mission is to efficiently address common and necessary flood mitigation, stormwater management and green infrastructure improvements in the watershed. For more information, contact Susan Vancil. The NBWC annual meeting replaces the November quarterly meeting of the North Branch Planning Committee.