Designated Erosion Control Inspector Program (DECI)

2020 DECI Workshop Registration is OPEN!

Registration for the 2020 Designated Erosion Control Inspector (DECI) Workshop is now open! Registration is available online. Please be aware that registration is open to the first 300 registrants only or until Wednesday, February 12. If we receive 300 registrants prior to February 12, registration will close so we advise everyone who is interested in attending to register as soon as possible. You will not be able to register after Wednesday, February 12 or on the day of the workshop. If the event gets full, there will be a workshop make-up day on March 17 at Lake County Public Works Education Center in Libertyville. More details will follow closer to that date.

View the event flyer, agenda or biographies of the presenters for more information.

What is a DECI? 

DECIs are trained and qualified soil erosion and sediment control inspectors. They improve communication and act as a liaison between an applicant/developer and enforcement officers (EO) for regulated development in Lake County. DECIs, who are the boots, eyes, and experience on the ground, are employed by the applicant and not the permitting agency. Only DECIs can inspect projects where the permitting agency requires one.

Becoming a DECI


  1. Pass the DECI exam
  2. Complete SMC-approved SE/SC course
    • Annual DECI Workshop hosted by SMC    -OR-
    • Courses listed online (you need to complete both of them in lieu of the DECI Workshop)
      • PDHOnline
        • C142 - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and Best Management Practices - 4 hours
        • C188 - Soil Erosion and Sediment Control - 3 hours
  3. Submit a one Page Statement of Qualifications showing 2 years of cumulative experience in SE/SC


  1.  Have  either Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) or Certified Erosion, Sediment and Stormwater Inspector (CESSWI) designation

       4. Await SMC review and approval
             • There is no cost to become a DECI


  • The exam is 100 questions based on:
  • The exam is online/open book
  • The cost for the exam is $0 (free)
  • There is a 3-hour time limit
  • You need a 90% or better to pass
  • Start DECI Exam here 

Maintaining DECI Status

  • Relisting of DECIs is every 3 years
    • The next re-listing is in 2020, information is forthcoming on this page
    • Cost to re-list as a DECI is $60
  • Continuing education will depend on when you became a DECI
    • If you became a DECI this year,  you don’t need to provide education documentation (you still need to go through the re-listing process)
    • If you became a DECI in 2018, you will need 16 hours of education training
    • If you became a DECI in 2017, you will need 24 hours of education training
  • Some sources of continuing education are:

DECI Expectations

  • Inspect after every 7 calendar days and within 24 hours of a storm event with greater than or equal to 0.5-inch of rainfall or liquid equivalent precipitation
  • Keep a written log of inspections (with pictures)
  • Keep a copy of EO-approved SE/SC plans at the development site
  • Notify EO within 24 hours of when the site is not in compliance with WDO or approved SE/SC plans
  • Propose corrective measures
  • Recommend additional SE/SC prevention measures, as necessary
  • SMC SE/SC Inspection form available here

When are DECIs Done Inspecting?

  • After permanent stabilization and EO approval of the as-built plans
  • SMC’s as-built approval requirements:
    • 90% areal coverage of vegetation, of which at least 50% must be the desired species
    • No erosion, sedimentation or unstabilized areas
  • SE/SC measures removal
    • After permanent site stabilization has been achieved
      • Includes silt fence, perforated risers, etc.

DECI De-listing

  • SMC has authority and responsibility to suspend a DECI’s status for repeated or recurring non-compliance
  • The de-listing procedure includes formal notification to the DECI with response request
    • Inadequate response constitutes one strike
    • 3 strikes lead to de-listing

For More Information or to Submit Materials:

Contact Mea Blauer, 847-377-7701