Lost Dogs

If you are the owner of a pet shown or have found one of the pets shown, please contact Animal Care and Control at 847-377-4700. Please note that none of the pets shown are currently housed at Animal Care and Control.


Lost Pet’s ID Number:
Pet Description: male neutered, Chihuahua/Terrier mix, tan and black, 6 years old, chipped, black nylon collar, with tags, DO NOT CHASE
Town/Area Lost: Winthrop Harbor off of Creekside
Date Last Seen: July 11, 2017
A560199 Chester


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A714811
Pet Description: neutered male, tan, Goldendoodle, 9 months old
Town/Area Lost: Grayslake
Date Last Seen: June 23, 2017
A714811 Cubby


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A727511
Pet Description
: female spayed, black and white, Shih Tzu/Poodle mix, 8 years old
Town/Area Lost: Lake Villa
Date Last Seen: August 2017
A727511 Daisy


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A725658
Pet Description: female, tan and white, Chihuahua, 10 months old
Town/Area Lost: Round Lake Beach
Date Last Seen: June 23, 2017
A725658 Deliliah


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A710834
Pet Description: male, Labrador, black with white spot on chest, 5 years old, red collar
Town/Area Lost: Ingleside
Date Last Seen: January 14, 2017
A710834 Gauge


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A712592
Pet Description: neutered male, white, Poodle/Pekingese mix, 3 years old
Town/Area Lost: Round Lake Heights
Date Last Seen: January 27,2017
A712592 Komo


Lost Pet’s ID Number
: A725237
Pet Description: female, white and tan with black tips on ears and tail, Morkie, 3 years old
Town/Area Lost: Carpentersville
Date Last Seen: March 24, 2017
A725237 Lilo


Lost Pet’s ID Number:
Pet Description: female spayed, American Staffordshire Terrier, white and tan, 9 years old, black collar with tag, flea collar, scar on left front shoulder
Town/Area Lost: Near the Antioch, Illinois/Trevor, Wisconsin boarder
Date Last Seen: July 3, 2017
A692362 Maya


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A719057
Pet Descri
ption: black small white spot on chest, Newfoundland, male, 10 months old
Town/Area Lost: Antioch
Date Last Seen: September 15, 2017
A719057 Moose


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A726797
Pet Description: neutered male, tricolor, Collie mix, 5 years old, just adopted, very scared, chipped, DON'T CHASE
Town/Area Lost: Gurnee
Date Last Seen: August 30, 2017
A726797 Mouse


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A449120
Pet Description: neutered male, black/white, Rat Terrier, 11 years old, chipped
Town/Area Lost: Zion
Date Last Seen: April 14, 2017
A449120 Nicky


Lost Pet’s ID Number
: A725661
Pet Description: spayed female, tan and white, Chihuahua, senior, arthritis in back right leg
Town/Area Lost: Waukegan
Date Last Seen: July 13, 2017
A725661 Pepe


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A720356
Pet Description:spayed female, white/tan, Shih Tzu/Poodle mix, 14 years old, red/pink collar
Town/Area Lost: Lakemoore
Date Last Seen: June 4, 2017
A720356 Princess


 Lost Pet’s ID Number: A721329
Pet Description: neutered male, tan, Pit Bull mix, 6 years old
Town/Area Lost: Roselle
Date Last Seen: May 25, 2017
A721329 Schmeagol


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A729877
Pet Description: neutered male, black, gray face, Lab mix, 14 years old, blue collar
Town/Area Lost: Barrington Hills
Date Last Seen: October 14, 2017
A729877 Wilson