1. Budget Information

    The Lake County Board adopts an annual budget that funds core services, such as courts and public safety, transportation, and health services. Also, access monthly expense reports, audit reports, tax rate information and more.

  2. Courthouse Expansion Project

    The Courthouse Expansion Project, which includes an eight story justice tower in downtown Waukegan, will increase efficiency, support increased growth of the justice system, and better manage the jail population.

  3. Lake County Government Reform

    The newly formed Commission on Government Reform and Accountability is charged with evaluating proposed reform measures and report on key findings.

  4. Legislative Program

    The purpose of the county’s legislative program is to pursue new laws and authorities, oppose laws that are believed to have a negative impact on county government and Lake County residents, and pursue funding from the State of Illinois and the federal government.

  5. Mental Health Coalition

    To address the growing problem of mental health and strengthen services across the county, Lake County is leading a community-wide initiative to focus on data-sharing and evidence-based practices in order to identify gaps and recommend a sustainable continuum of care for this vulnerable population.

  6. Shared Services Initiative

    Lake County is saving money and enhancing efficiency by sharing services and collaborating with other governments.

  7. Strategic Plan

    Lake County’s Strategic Plan, which serves as our road map over the next several years, identifies five strategic goals related to transportation, sustainability, healthy communities, economic opportunities and public safety. We report our progress on the plan bi-annually.

  8. 911 Regional Consolidation

    Lake County is leading a collaborative effort with public safety partners from across the county to explore opportunities to consolidate many 911 centers into a few regional 911 centers to improve quality, efficiency, and provide cost savings.