2019 Budget Information

2018 Budget Information

Lake County Board Approves Balanced, Fiscally Responsible 2018 Budget

The County Board recently approved the 2018 budget that spends $437 million on core services, including transportation and infrastructure, health services, courts and public safety. The budget is up less than 2% from last year. The county board maintains a strong track record of practicing fiscal responsibility, which means making prudent, data-driven decisions, using resources efficiently and maintaining sustainable, financial operations. As a result, this budget is balanced and Lake County is fiscally stable. The County has been able to hold the line on its budget because across the organization, departments are implementing operational efficiencies, leveraging technology, and sharing services that are making a difference to our bottom line.

As in previous years, the biggest budget challenge is the impact from State funding cuts. This year, Lake County faces a total $1.6 million in State cuts, which includes a significant cut in funding to roads. The Lake County Board continues to invest in transportation and even has funded State road projects, as the County Board recognizes the benefits to the entire transportation system.
Lake County is advancing several projects and regional initiatives that illustrate our commitment to investing in people and our communities, as stated in our strategic plan and carried out through this budget. Examples include: mental health, regional 911 consolidation, and environmental sustainability.
For more than 20 years, Lake County has maintained a AAA credit rating from both major credit agencies – the highest rating possible. Check out our online Budget Story