Shared Services Initiative

Lake County Shared Services Initiative

Collaborate and coordinate with other units of governments to generate greater economies of scale, foster partnerships and reduce organizational costs.


During a series of community forums to obtain input into the Lake County Strategic Plan, residents identified the sharing of government services as a priority. As a result, the Lake County Collaborative Services Staff Committee was created to identify potential shared services opportunities internally with county departments and externally with other units of government.

Examples of Shared Services Initiatives:

911 Emergency Dispatch Task Force

In August of 2015, Lake County Chairman Aaron Lawlor convened a 911 Emergency Dispatch Task Force to continue a dialogue on increased collaboration between numerous Emergency Telephone System Boards (ETSB) and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) throughout the region on opportunities for potential consolidation.
Regional 911
The Chairman established this group following his annual leaders summit in which 911 consolidations was identified as a top priority from local leaders as well as responding to further research after the Lake County ETSB undertook a feasibility study for consolidation. The Task Force is comprised of a representative group of stakeholders in neighboring communities and is tasked with studying and reporting back to the Lake County Board on opportunities for PSAP’s to enhance services and be more efficient through consolidating 911 call taking functions.
snow plow

Salt Bid

Lake County led an effort to jointly bid for salt with other municipalities that grew in participation this year.  

Permitting Software

The County awarded a contract for the implementation of a new and improved permitting software to replace the current outdated and unsupported system and to be shared among all the permitting departments (Planning, Building and Development, Health Department, Division of Transportation, Public Works and Storm Water Management Commission. This system offers efficient, state-of-the-art permitting software that will improve operations, communications, and staff efficiencies in Lake County, and its partner agencies. The new system can also be expanded to other jurisdictions for a fraction of the cost to acquire a new one. Staff is working with municipalities throughout the county to make them aware of the opportunity.

Paper Contract

College of Lake County recently took advantage of a contract for copy paper that was competitively bid by Lake County. This was achievable because Lake County incorporates joint purchasing language in its bids, which allows other units of local government to easily take advantage of competitively bid pricing.

Intergovernmental Agreements

Lake County Planning Building & Development (PB&D) continues to work with intergovernmental agreement (IGA) partners including Lindenhurst, Third Lake, Round Lake Beach, and Hainesville for plan review and inspection services. In 2015, PB&D entered into new agreements with Fox Lake and Lake Zurich to assist with inspection services as well.

Elevator Inspections

After a successful shared services initiative in 2014 with eight communities taking part in the joint bid, staff is currently working with other communities and expanding this service to other parts of the county.

Municipal Partnering Initiative

Lake County continues to participate in the MPI and has worked to identify opportunities for partnership through joint bids in 2016. Lake County will be leading joint purchasing efforts in partnership with 11 municipalities in Lake and Cook counties on goods and services, such as asphalt, crack sealing, pavement marking and sewer lining.

Southeast Lake County Group

The County continues to meet with members of the Southeast Lake County Shared Services Group to explore opportunities for collaboration. Lake County staff is currently working to identify opportunities to improve efficiencies in inspection services through increased collaboration with group members.

Upcoming Bids to be I​ssued

Lake County will be exploring these joint purchasing opportunities with other entities:

  • Bulk Rock Salt for the 2015-2016 Snow Season
  • GIS Lidar Services
  • Bio-Solids Management
  • Body Cameras
  • Postal Metering