Lost Cats

If you are the owner of a pet shown or have found one of the pets shown, please contact Animal Care and Control at 847-377-4700. Please note that none of the pets shown are currently housed at Animal Care and Control.


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A712403
Pet Description: neutered male, gray tabby, DLH, 1 year, chipped
Town/Area Lost: Mundelein
Date Last Seen: May 1, 2017
A712403 Bouncington


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A719864
Pet Description: neutered male, black, DLH, 8 year old
Town/Area Lost: Antioch
Date Last Seen: May 17, 2017
A719864 Caveball Fatty


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A717623
Pet Description: neutered male, black, DSH, 8 year old
Town/Area Lost: Hawthorn Woods
Date Last Seen: April 21, 2017
A717623 Dexter


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A653745
Pet Description
: brown tiger with orange spot on head, DSH, female spayed, 4 years old, chipped
Town/Area Lost: Round Lake Beach
Date Last Seen: April 3, 2017
A653745 Dottie

George (Tito)

Lost Pet’s ID Number: A681559
Pet Description
: Gray and white, Exotic SH, male neutered, 1 year 10 months old, collar and tags
Town/Area Lost: Lake Forest
Date Last Seen: April 10, 2017
A681559 George (Tito)


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A579340
Pet Description
: tortie, DSH, female spayed, 6 years old
Town/Area Lost: Gurnee
Date Last Seen: April 1, 2017
A579340 Jade


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A715974
Pet Description
: brown marble Bengal, female spayed, 7 years old, chipped
Town/Area Lost: Deer Park
Date Last Seen: March 24, 2017
A715974 Lexi


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A718289
Pet Description: neutered male, Marmalade orange, DSH, 5 year old
Town/Area Lost: Lake Bluff
Date Last Seen: April 15, 2017
A718289 Max


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A714282
Pet Description
: brown tabby w/ white, DSH, possibly chipped
Town/Area Lost: Lake Zurich
Date Last Seen: February 25, 2017
A714282 Mouse


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A718954
Pet Description: male, gray tabby, Bengal, 9 months
Town/Area Lost: Lake Zurich
Date Last Seen: May 12, 2017
A718954 Tiga


Lost Pet’s ID Number: A718215
Pet Description: female, white/black, DMH, 1 year old
Town/Area Lost: Lake Bluff
Date Last Seen: April 29, 2017
A718215 Violet