Contact a Staff Member

Regional Superintendent of Schools
Roycealee J. Wood 847-665-0595
Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools
Gary Pickens 847-665-0596

Regional Office of Education

Office & Personnel Mgmt, GED, Reading Recovery, Spelling Bee, Directory Information
Hilda Vara 847-665-0589
Executive Assistant to Mrs. Wood, Board of School Trustees, Health/Life Safety
Bobbi Elftmann 847-665-0590
Accountant (State Aid, Reimbursement forms)
 Lisa Wolf 847-665-0594
Chief Licensure Officer
Maricela Jimenez 847-665-0598
Licensure Officer
Pam Cooper 847-665-0584
Pam Cooper   847-665-0584
Licensure Officer
Cayce Wright 847-665-0602
Secretary (Bus Driver Testing, Vacancy Lists)
Penny Youngberg 847-665-0603
Receptionist (Work Permits)
Mari Diaz 847-665-0609
Education Consultant - Life Safety/New Construction/Preschool Program
Dr. Michael Anderson 847-665-0590
Education Consultant - Life Safety/New Construction
Dr. John Barbini 847-665-0590
Education Consultant - Life Safety/New Construction
Dr. John Benedetti 847-665-0590

​Educational Services

Reading Recovery Consultant
Dr. James Menzer 874-665-0589

Lead Principal Coordinator, Administrators' Academy, Gifted
Dr. Julie A. Retzlaff 847-223-3400 xt. 221
Mathematics, Science Coordinator
Jennie Winters 847-223-3400 xt. 213
Language Arts Coordinator
Shay McCorkle 847-223-3400 xt. 240
Network Design Engineer
Ed Garver 847-223-3400 xt. 219
Support: Director, Administrators' Academy, Technology, Gifted, Talent Search
Tracy Molzahn 847-223-3400 xt. 230
Support: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Media Center
Jennifer Ochsner 847-223-3400 xt. 239

​Attendance and Truancy

Director Attendance and Truancy
Monika Schwander 847-223-3400 xt. 224
Administrative Assistant Attendance and Truancy
Andrea Kowitz 847-223-3400 xt. 223
Outreach Specialist
Wendy Gill 847-223-3400 xt. 229
Outreach Specialist
Brianna Brauhn 847-223-3400 xt. 244
Outreach Specialist
Mey Spencer 847-223-3400 xt. 243
Nicholas Piccard 847-223-3400 xt. 222

​Regional Safe School (RSSP)

Principal Regional Safe School
Mike Munda 847-872-1900