Sanitary Sewer Rehab 2016

Sanitary Sewer Unlined Pipe
Sanitary Sewer Lined Pipe
Sanitary sewers require repairs to improve the pipe strength, promote better flow through the pipes and extend the life of the existing sewers.  Pipes are repaired based on the Sanitary Sewer Assessment Program.

Lake County Public Works successfully utilized shared service contract pricing through the City of Highland Park.  Rehabilitation will consist of cleaning and lining the sewer mains, then returning to line the sewer service connections to the main with T-liners in Countryside Manor/Terre Fair and Kildeer.  

Now that the first 2 phases of this project are complete (cleaning and sewer main lining), the final phase is underway.  In this last phase each sanitary sewer service that is connected to the newly lined pipes will be reinforced with a T-liner.  During that process the contractor will notify each resident when they should suspend flushing toilets, doing laundry, etc.  The contractor doing this work is Musson Brothers.  They will notify you when to stop using water and when you can resume using water by knocking on your front door.  There is no need to be home during this work and the contractor does NOT require entry into your home.  See maps below for the locations where the work is taking place for both Terre Fair and Kildeer. 

Work continues in Terre Fair through 10/11/16 subject to weather.  
Countryside Manor Sewer Rehab Area Map
Kildeer Sewer Rehab Area Map

Lake County Public Works Contact Information:

Heather Galan, Project Engineer - 847.377.7141
Peter Poli, Engineering Inspector - 847.309.5491

Non-emergency Issues - 847.377.7500
Emergencies & After hours - 847.377.7188

Contractor Contact Information:

Dan Wiegand, Hoerr Construction, Inc. - 309.208.5161