Grass Lake Rd: Bridge over Fox River

Limits: On either end of the Grass Lake Rd bridge over the Fox River/Grass Lake near the village of Fox Lake

Description: This project consists of stabilizing the existing retaining walls on the north side of Grass Lake Rd by extending anchors through the road to the south side. Bike path will be repaired along with other minor bridge fixes. The project will be completed in 4 stages: Stage 1 is north side at west end, Stage 2 is south side at west end, Stages 3 & 4 will be north and south sides of east end. One lane bridge signals will be in place to complete the work. 

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Current Information

7/30/18 - This project is currently in Stage 2 which requires work on the south side of the bridge at the west end. The ground anchors are in place and the pavement patches have been completed. Once the curb, barrier base, and barrier wall are poured and the new guardrail is installed, we will move on to the next stage which will involve a shift to the east end. 

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