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Lake County Board Chair Sandy Hart announced that Lake County will enter into contract negotiations with William T. Panos to become Lake County’s next County Administrator. Panos has experience in both the private and public sector, most recently serving as the Director of the State of Wyoming Department of Transportation, an organization with 2,000 employees and a budget of $640 million. Panos is expected to begin his new role in July 2019, pending approval by the board. Learn more


Lake County is governed by 21 elected County Board Members that represent a geographic district. The board is led by a Chair chosen amongst its members by a vote of the Board Members which sets policies and establishes and strives towards achieving a vision for the Lake County. 

The County Administrator, who is appointed by the Chair of the County Board with the approval of the County Board in accordance with County Board Rules, serves at the pleasure of the County Board.  In accordance with Lake County Code of Ordinances §30.35-30.41, the County Administrator is responsible for the operations and administration of affairs of the County that are placed under her/his charge by the County Board. Examples of such responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Oversee the organization’s personnel policies and practices and foster an organizational culture that is innovative, collaborative, and inclusive;
  • Is accessible to residents, businesses, elected and appointed officials in communities throughout the county to discuss problems and recommendations, propose new plans, or discuss issues that affect the community and its residents; 
  • Develop recommendations for new programs indicating scope, cost and impact for consideration by the County Board;
  • Lead, supervise and manage all appointed department heads under the County Board jurisdiction (currently Information Technology; Finance, Human Resources; Facilities and Construction Services; Workforce Development; Chief County Assessment Office; Planning Building and Development; Division of Transportation; Public Works; and the Emergency Management Agency);
  • Ensure customer service efficiency and effectiveness; 
  • Recommend and oversee the implementation of an annual budget including a capital improvement plan;
  • Work with elected officials in the development of policies;
  • Conduct research on and implement innovative and best administrative, management and operational practices; and
  • Oversee enforcement of ordinances, orders and regulations as directed by the County Board

Estimated Timeline 

As an appointment of the County Board Chair with the approval of the County Board, the County Board Chair solicited proposals from executive recruitment firms in January for purposes of assisting in the national recruitment for a County Administrator.  The County Board Chair reviewed the proposals submitted with the assistance of the County’s Purchasing Division and interviewed the top four firms that submitted proposals with a team of senior staff. 

Following that review process, the County Board Chair selected Illinois based firm GovHR USA to assist in the recruitment process.  As a part of the process to develop an understanding of the core competencies desired for the position, GovHR USA will meet with County Board members, staff, and identified stakeholders. The feedback gained through this process will influence a candidate profile and interview questions.

Description Timeline
Recruitment Consultant Selection January - February
Position Advertised and Recruited March 18 - April 26
Deadline for Submission of Resumes April 26
Review of Resumes April 26 - Early May
Early-to-Mid May Candidates Selected for Interview
Mid-to-Late May Candidates Interviewed
County Board Approval of
County Administrator Appointment
July 9 County Board Meeting