Voting by Mail

Available only to registered voters, including active U.S. military, military dependents, and citizens residing overseas.

Required Ballot Application

  • You must submit a ballot application for each election.
  • Your application must be completed and received at the Lake County Clerk’s office before a ballot can be mailed to you.
  • Beginning 90 days before the election, the application is available by:
    • logging onto to complete an electronic application or print a PDF form to mail (see details below)*,
    • downloading and completing this form before mailing it to the Lake County Clerk's office,
    • calling the Lake County Clerk's Voting by Mail Department at 847-377-2406, or
    • emailing your name, address, and date of birth to
  • Ballots mailed 40 days before Election Day.
Vote by Mail
  • *For the fastest service, you can log onto and select "Request a Ballot by Mail," where you can choose to complete a one-time electronic application or print a paper version.
    • To complete an electronic application, select “Electronic Request,” and follow the prompts through to “Submit Request.” Your signature is not required, but you must complete an attestation.
    • If you wish to print an application and mail a copy to the Lake County Clerk’s office, select “Paper Form.”  Print, complete, sign, and mail your application to the Lake County Clerk’s office.


  • Lake County Clerk’s office must receive your completed ballot application (electronic or paper) by noon on the Thursday before Election Day.
  • Your voted ballot must be mailed with a postmark no later than Election Day or hand-delivered to the Lake County Clerk’s office by 7 PM on Election Day.


  • Your ballot can be mailed to a temporary, alternate address.
  • Your official ballot will be printed and mailed through the U.S. Postal Service starting 40 days before an election. This deadline is extended if candidate certification is not completed.

Program Enrollment and Advantages

Enrolling in a program makes it even easier for you to cast a ballot by mail. Instead of notifying our office in each election that you want to vote by mail, you can have your ballot application automatically sent to your home or an alternate address. Enrollment is simple and remains in effect until you cancel, or your voter registration becomes inactive.

Permanent Program
Registered voters who live at the same address year round can have their ballot application forms and ballots mailed to their home addresses for every election or just those specified on the enrollment form. Enrollment form

Snowbird Program
This a great option if you seasonally travel away from your voter registration address and then return home. You can have your ballot application and ballot mailed to your temporary address. Choose to enroll for all the elections or just the ones you select. Enrollment form

Student Program
If your education takes you away from home, you can have a ballot application and ballot mailed to your school address. Enrollment is valid for two years, and each summer our office confirms your school address for the coming year. Enrollment form


  • Track the Lake County Clerk’s receipt of your application and voted ballot at
  • If you did not receive your requested ballot by mail or the Lake County Clerk's office did not receive your mailed, voted ballot, you will be able to vote early or on Election Day after signing the proper attestation form.
  • You can contact the Voting by Mail Department at 847-377-2406 or