Criminal Process

  1. Criminal Complaint Phase

    When someone determines or has cause to believe they are the victim of a crime, their first call should be to 9-1-1 if the crime is in progress or there is an emergency situation.

  2. Investigations Phase

    Depending on each case, after a police officer has taken the preliminary report, un-uniformed officers known as detectives begin the investigative phase.

  3. Charging Phase

    When an investigation progresses to the point that the police have probable cause and there is a reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime, they may make an arrest. An important part of this phase is the determination of what offense or offenses have been committed.

  4. Bond Court Phase

    Once the suspect is charged with a criminal complaint, he or she becomes the defendant in the criminal case and may be eligible to be released on bond.

  5. Pre-trial

    Find out what all happens prior to a trial in Lake County.

  6. Trial Phase

    Learn how trials operate within Lake County.

  7. Sentencing Phase

    At the sentencing hearing the Assistant State’s Attorney will argue for an appropriate sentence and may introduce evidence of past criminal involvement.

  8. Things to Remember

    Keep the following things in mind in regards to the Criminal Process within Lake County.