Payment Options

  1. At Local Bank

    Check out a list of local banks that will accept payments.

  2. Automatic Withdrawal

    Read about how to request automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account.

  3. By Mail

    Find out how to pay your property bill by mail and tips on how to avoid late payments.

  4. Drop Box Locations

    Drop boxes are only available from when the bills are mailed through the 2nd installment due date.

  5. In Person

    Check out how to pay in person for your property tax bill.

  6. Online Payments

    Online payments are only available during a portion of the tax collection period.

  7. Partial Payments

    As a courtesy to Lake County taxpayers, partial payments will be accepted for the current year taxes.

  8. Pay By Phone

    Learn how to pay for your property bill over the phone with a credit card.

  9. Pre-Payments

    Payments are accepted for the next year.