For Landowners

  1. Flood Hazard Mitigation

    We mitigate because there are an increasing number of flood events, escalating costs for response and recovery and repetitive loss from those events.

  2. Flood Insurance & Maps

    Flood insurance does not prevent flooding or flood damage but it does help owners protect their property investments by paying for building repairs and replacement of items damaged in a flood.

  3. NPDES Phase II

  4. Permits & Approvals

    Access permit information and checklists from the commission.

  5. Rainfall

    SMC has a rain gauge network of 17 gauges located on mainstem and tributary locations of the major rivers. Daily data is recorded by each gauge.

  6. Stormwater Best Practices

    Stormwater Practices is a term for Best Management Practices (BMPs) which are used to help ensure longevity and improve the health of Lake County's watersheds. BMPs can be implemented by homeowners, businesses, organizations and municipalities. BMPs can be as simple as using phosphorous-free fertilizer to a more complex activity like a project restoring a large section of degraded streambank. BMPs can be integrated before, during, and after development. BMPs will not only help the environment, but in many cases they also can save you time and money. Every BMP is beneficial to the environment regardless of its relative cost, but it is the unique combination of BMPs for each property that truly will establish a healthy watershed.

  7. Watersheds

    A watershed is an area of land draining to a river or stream. It includes rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands. Everyone lives in a watershed and everyone contributes to the health of the watershed.

  8. Who Do I Call If…

    Find who you should call in certain circumstances.