Registrations in Lieu of a Permit

Minor Improvements Approved as Registrations

A registration form and nominal registration fee may be pursued for the following minor improvements, though applicants may seek a permit and follow-up inspection.
You may apply for registrations online through the Citizens Self-Service ePortal. Registrations can also be applied for in person at the Central Permit Facility. Payment, in person, can be made with cash, check or credit card.

Upon submission and review of the registration form and payment of the fee, the project will be registered. Construction cannot begin until you receive confirmation from this office that your registration is complete. A permit is required if found in violation (red-tagged). Lake County reserves the right to inspect any construction performed whether permitted or registered.


This registration is only available to licensed roofers in good standing with the State of Illinois. no permit will be required when proposed improvements consist of only re-roofing your residential structure and work will be performed by a licensed roofer. A permit is required if:
  • Work will be performed by homeowners
  • Re-roofing is part of a larger project that involves structural work such as truss work, replacing rafters, interior alterations or additions
  • It is a commercial project


A registration form can be used only when the proposed improvements consist of re-siding your residential structure.


The registration form should be used only for fences that are proposed on the perimeter of the property, on parcels zoned or used for residential purposes and not located at street intersections. No permit will be required for these fences. In all cases, the requirements listed below will apply.


  • The finished/ornamental side of the fence shall face outward.
  • The maximum height of fence shall be 6 feet.

Permit Required

Permit shall be required when a fence is proposed within:
  • Floodplain
  • Wetland
  • Drainage Easement
  • Within 30 feet of a water’s edge
Prohibited Locations:
  • Floodway

Sheds - 100 Square Feet or Less in Area Only


  • Street Setbacks is 30 feet or more from the street property line (right-of-way)
  • Side/Rear Setbacks is 4 feet or more from the property line
  • Height is 12 feet or less at the roof peak
  • No more than 3 Accessory Buildings (for example, garages or other sheds on the property
The shed is prohibited in these locations:
  • Floodway
  • Wetland
  • Drainage Easement
  • Utility Easement
  • Within 30 feet of the water’s edge
If the shed will be located in floodplain, it must be anchored with angle-irons, pipe or other similar method NOT involving post-holes, constructed with flood proof material and have no electric.