Criminal Investigations Division

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office provides comprehensive investigative services to the community through the Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU). Specially trained and experienced personnel are assigned to the Criminal Investigations Unit and its Teams. Detectives assigned to the General Investigations Unit are tasked with investigating each assigned incident or “case” and determining a disposition. A process of evidence collection, interviewing and evaluation of the case facts and evidence is accomplished prior to a disposition. Upon conclusion of investigation, the case facts and evidence are reviewed with the Lake County State's Attorney's Office for charges. You may reach us at 847-377-4250.
  1. Cyber Crimes Unit

    The Cyber Crimes Unit is tasked with investigating any illicit activities conducted online.

  2. Evidence Technicians

    Highly-trained civilian employees serve as Evidence Technicians ensuring all evidence and property controls are secured.

  3. Juvenile Investigations Section

    The Juvenile Investigation Section is tasked with investigating each assigned incident involving juveniles (under the age of 18) identified or suspected as violators.

  4. Lake County Gang Task Force

    In order to address the increased migration of gang members into Lake County, the Lake County Sheriff's Office formed the Lake County Gang Task Force (LCGTF). Want to report a tip anonymously? Call our 24/7 tip line at 847-377-4420.

  5. Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group (MEG)

    The Lake County MEG is a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement task force overseen by the Illinois State Police, concentrating on illegal drugs, gangs and weapons offenses.

  6. Major Crimes Task Force

    The Major Crimes Task Force was formed in February,1992 in response to a mutual need for vast investigative resources and expertise from all Lake County law enforcement agencies.

  7. Photography Team

    The Sheriff’s Office Photography Team provides evidentiary photographic and video services for local, county and federal law enforcement agencies.

  8. Sex Offender Team

    The Sex Offender Team monitors roughly 200 registered sex offenders throughout unincorporated Lake County and Contract Communities.

  9. Special Investigations Unit

    The Special Investigations Detectives are tasked with in-depth investigation of drugs, guns and gangs, as well as other illicit, underground activities organizing within the county. Want to report a tip anonymously? Call our 24/7 tip line at 847-377-4420.