Applying for Assistance
All applicants must show proof of Active Service with Honorable Discharge.

Every person has a right to receive and submit a written Assistance Application (PDF) for assistance and every person who applies shall be presented with a copy of the rules and regulations.

Prior to receiving assistance, a food stamp appointment or application for aid to Dependent Children must be obtained. If eligible, an application for Unemployment Insurance must be filed. If work ready, a current Job Service Card must be produced.

Required Documents

The following items must be produced by the veteran or the widow at the time of application for a VA claim or for emergency assistance.

​Item Number
VA Claim​ ​Assist Claim Item​
​1 ​✓ ​✓ Form DD214 (PDF) or Report of Separation if prior to January 1, 1950
​2 ​✓ ​✓ ​Driver's License OR State Identification Card for both the veteran and the spouse
​3 ​✓ ​✓ ​Social Security Card for the veteran, spouse, and each member of the household AND a copy of the birth certificates of each child
​4 ​✓ ​✓ ​Current marriage license and any divorce decrees
​5 ​✓ ​✓ ​The most current income tax return AND proof of all income for the vet and the spouse. If employed, copies of the current pay stubs are required. (Some examples of reportable income are employment, unemployment, retirement, VA compensation or pension, Social Security, disability or workman's compensation benefits, income from rentals or real estate transactions, businesses and crops and annuities.)
​6 ​✓ ​✓ ​Earned interest statements from 401K, CDs, stocks, bonds and other investments
​7 ​✓ ​✓ ​Current checking and savings statements
​8 ​✓ ​All current utility bills (electric, gas, propane, water, sanitation and waste removal). Phone, cable and internet are NOT covered.
​9 ​✓ ​Proof of mortgage payments or a copy of current lease agreement
​10 ​✓ ​✓ ​If applicable, proof of child support or alimony payments or amounts received
​11 ​✓ ​ Proof of all unreimbursed prescriptions, hospital and doctor expenses, fees for medical insurance including Medicare and over-the-counter medical expenses

How to Request DD214
The Lake County Recorder of Deeds is the official keeper of your Military Discharge records, which entitle you and your family to benefits you deserve. These records date back to 1919.

A Request for Discharge Record (PDF) must be completed to receive a copy of any military service discharge record that has been recorded in Lake County. Only qualified people with proper identification, are eligible to request a military service discharge record. Please visit the Lake County Recorder of Deeds to review or complete the form. Either fax or mail the completed form to the Lake County Recorder’s Office to receive a copy of your military paperwork:
  1. Recorder of Deeds

    Physical Address
    18 N County Street, 6th Floor
    Waukegan, IL 60085

    Phone: 847-377-2575
    Fax: 847-984-5860

These forms are provided to our veterans and their families at no cost.

If a Military Service Discharge Form was not previously recorded in Lake County, then you must request copies of military service discharge records from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, MO.