Adult Vaccines

We provide influenza, and Tdap vaccines for adults.
Other vaccines may be obtained at most pharmacies and are carried by some private providers.
Adult Vaccine Quiz from the CDC

Adult Vaccine Charges/Fees

Vaccine Charge Doses in a Primary Series
Covered by Medicaid?*
Covered by Medicare Part B
Flu Shot
$33 Per Dose
(Charge increases for recombinant or
high-dose shot)
1 (Yearly)
Some Plans

Recombinant Flu Shot for Egg-Allergic
$50 Per Dose
1 (Yearly)
Yes Yes
High-Dose Flu Shot for 65 and Older
$50 Per Dose
1 (Yearly)
Yes Yes
Tdap $48 Per Dose
1 Some Plans
*(Note: the health department does not accept all Medicaid plans)

​CDC Adolescent and Adult Vaccination Quiz

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