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Purchasing Division

Bids and RFPs
To view Bids or Requests for Proposal (RFP), choose one of the following from the status window below, sort by number, title, date and click Go:
Awarded: The solicitation has been awarded.
Under Review: The solicitation has been opened and is under review.
Not Awarded: The solicitation has been opened and will not be awarded.
Open: The solicitation is open for public bidding.
Pending Exec: The solicitation has been opened and awarded pending execution of contract documents.
Going to Board: The solicitation has been opened and being submitted to the County Board for approval.
Register your business to receive notifications about Bids and RFP's. 

• Most Bids/RFPs are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF.
• If you have problems printing the documents, please call the office at 847.377.2929 and Purchasing will send or fax a copy of the 
  bid/RFP to you.
• Most results will be available online the morning after the bid's due date. Note that RFP results are not published.
• To obtain results for bids that are not posted please contact the Purchasing Division at 847.377.2929.
• For information about CONSTRUCTION JOB ORDER CONTRACTING (JOC), please visit our Doing Business page.

Contact Information

18 North County Street
9th Floor
Waukegan, Ill 60085

Fax        847.984.5889
Phone  847.377.2929

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