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Summer Youth Employment Program Application 2020

  1. Summer Youth Employment 2019: Application Instructions

    - Only one application per person will be accepted. Multiple applications could disqualify you from participation in the program.

  2. - To qualify for employment, applicant must live in Lake County, meet low income guidelines (free or reduced lunch), be between the ages of 14 and 18, and in school. Youth with an IEP may be up to age 22.

  3. - All applications are due by March 31 at 5pm. Each year we receive more applications than we have available positions for employment. We utilize a lottery system to select candidates to move forward in the employment process.

  4. - Beginning on April 15, you can check our website to see if you have been selected in the lottery to move forward. We will be contacting selected youth in April and May to complete the program qualification process.

  5. - If your application is selected, you will be required to come to the Job Center of Lake County in Waukegan to complete the process. If you miss your scheduled appointment, you may forfeit your opportunity to participate in the program.

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