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Tax Parcel Boundaries

NOTE: This product is best suited for use with professional GIS software packages.

This product includes tax parcel boundaries, developed from deeds, plats of subdivision and other legal documents, some going back to the mid 1800's, following generally accepted practices used in Public Land Survey System states, and following guidelines established by the Illinois Department of Revenue and the International Association of Assessment Officials. Lake County's tax parcel boundaries are based on resolving the accumulated evidence of all of the legal documents surrounding a particular parcel or subdivision, and not the result of a countywide resurvey. These tax parcel boundaries are intended to be a visual inventory of property for tax and other administrative purposes; they are not intended to be used in place of an on-site survey or for the precise determination of property corners or PLSS features based on GIS coordinates. In Illinois, only a registered professional land surveyor is authorized to determine boundary locations. These tax parcel boundaries are presented for public use on an as-is basis, with no guarantee of accuracy or completeness.

Disc contents include tax parcel boundaries, represented as polygons and centroids, for all changes resulting from legal records submitted to the Recorder of Deeds up to December 31st of the preceding year, as well as any court orders, municipal annexations and other transactions which impact the tax parcel boundaries. NOTE: The ONLY attribute included is the Property Index Number, or PIN. Information about additional assessment attribute data can be obtained by contacting the Chief County Assessment Office.


The boundaries are in the form of ESRI shapefiles using the Illinois State Plane Projection, East Zone, and the NAD83 (NSRS2007) horizontal datum. The units of measurement used in county mapping are feet.

NOTE: CAD users, this is a large, county wide dataset optimized for use with GIS software. CAD software such as AutoCAD or MicroStation may NOT be able to open this dataset. Make sure your software and computer can handle this file size effectively before purchasing.


The Tax Parcel Boundary compact disc may be purchased for $50. The purchase price is not refundable. A defective disc may be exchanged for a replacement disc for the same product at no charge. Purchasers should verify that the software they plan to use with this data is capable of reading Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) shape files before buying the compact disc. No software is provided with the data.

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