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Site Development Permit
A Site Development Permit is required for projects that involve grading and/or filling activities. A Site Development Permit is also required for any development in the floodplains and wetlands and for projects that may result in soil erosion and/or drainage concerns. A Site Development Permit may be issued in conjunction with a Building Permit or may be issued independently depending on the type of activity.

A Site Development Permit is issued to assure that:

  • Development is in compliance with the Unified Development Ordinance and Federal and State regulations (e.g., wetlands, floodplains and erosion control).
  • Harmful environmental effects and negative impacts are minimized or mitigated.

A Site Development Permit may be required for the following activities:

  • Grading, filling and site restoration
  • Construction of new house, house additions and alterations
  • Construction of accessory structures such as detached garage, storage structures
  • Construction of non-residential (commercial) development
  • Construction of septic systems
  • Construction of seawalls
  • Subdivision construction
  • Wetland Jurisdictional Determinations
  • Any project that exceeds 1,000 sq. ft. of ground disturbance
  • Any project that would alter the existing grade by more then three (3) feet in vertical height

To apply for a Site Development Permit, visit the Planning, Building and Development Department  office located at the Lake County Central Permit Facility 500 W. Winchester Rd, Libertyville, IL.  An application for a Site Development Permit must be made in person, by either the property owner or authorized agent.

Site Development Permit Timeline Requirements

  • If a permit has not been issued within six (6) months of the date of application, you must apply for an extension of the application.
  • If work has not been started within six (6) months of permit issuance, you must apply for an extension to start work
  • A Site Development Permit application may be extended for up to one (1) year if construction extends beyond two (2) years from the date of issuance. A new permit and fees will be required if the extension is not granted or if the permit expires.
  • All extensions require an administrative fee to be paid with the request.

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