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Central Permit Facility  

Code Enforcement Hearings

For nuisance violations, such as tall grass and weeds, junk and debris, animals running at large, noise complaints and minor health violations, Lake County uses a Code Enforcement Hearing process for resolution and compliance. Currently, violations found in Chapter 94 (Nuisance Ordinance) and Chapter 172 (Animal Control Ordinance) of the Lake County Code qualify for review under this process. Chapter 94  is located within Title IX: General Regulations and Chapter 172 is located within Title XVII: Health of the Lake County Code.

If a person or property is found to be in violation of a Lake County ordinance, a warning, or notice of ordinance violation, is issued. The person or property owner has the opportunity to comply voluntarily, or a Code Enforcement Hearing is scheduled. The person or property owner must then appear before an administrative hearing officer who reviews the facts of the case, takes testimony, and issues a judgment at the hearing.

  • A possible violation is brought to our attention via resident concern or inspector investigation
  • County staff completes an inspection of the possible violation
  • The inspector may issue a warning or notice of ordinance violation to the respondent
  • The respondent may be given time to resolve the violation and pay a fine instead of coming to the hearing
  • The respondent comes to the Code Enforcement Hearing
  • The respondent has an opportunity to explain their side of the case to the County’s Hearing Officer 
  • An order will be entered with the outcome of the case

tall grass and weedsFrequently Asked Questions

How can I report a possible violation in my neighborhood?
To report a possible violation, call Lake County’s Nuisance Hotline at 847.377.4444.

What do I do once I've taken steps to correct my violation?
To schedule an inspection and to pay the fine, call the Code Hearing Unit at 847.377.2112.

Do I need to appear at the Code Enforcement Hearing?
Take a look at the Notice of Violation that you received.  In some cases you may be able to clean up the violation and pay the fine without attending the hearing. If you have questions on your Notice of Violation please call our Code Hearing Unit at 847.377.2112.

What should I bring to my hearing?
Look on the back of the notice of ordinance violation that you received. It has information on how you should prepare for your hearing.  If you have any further questions please call 847.377.2112.

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