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collapse Category : Building (Integrated Project Applications) ‎(11)
Affidavit used to confirm that the applicant has contacted J.U.L.I.E. and the appropriate utility companies prior to the construction of a fence in a utility easement.
Fences_within_Utility_easements_Affidavit.pdf93 KB
Use this form to register the construction of a new fence in unincorporated Lake County.
Registration_Form_Fence.pdf114 KB
Use this form to register a reroofing project in unincorporated Lake County.
Registration_Form_Reroofing.pdf84 KB
Use this form to register a residing project in unincorporated Lake County.
Registration_Form_Residing.pdf83 KB
Use this form to register the construction of a new shed in unincorporated Lake County.
Registration_Form_Sheds.pdf113 KB
Use this form to register the construction of a hoop house in unincorporated Lake County.
Registration_Form_Hoophouse.pdf334 KB
Use this form to register to keep chickens on residential properties in unincorporated Lake County.
Registration_Form_Chickens.pdf499 KB
Use this form to register to keep bees on residential properties in unincorporated Lake County.
Registration_Form_Beekeeping.pdf311 KB
Use this form when applying for a permit.
Permit_Application.pdf326 KB
C and D Debris Recycling Plan
Use this form to outline your plan for recycling construction or demolition debris created by your building project.
C and D Debris Recycling Plan.pdf218 KB
C and D Debris Recycling Report
Use this form to document compliance with the County Construction and Demolition debris recycling regulations.
C and D Debris Recycling Report.pdf138 KB
collapse Category : Development Review ‎(6)
Calculations to determine the maximum permitted density for a development.
Site_Capacity_Calculations_Residential.doc74 KB
Checklist for applications involving site plan review
Site_Plan_Checklist.doc65 KB
Application to be used for subdivision and site plan related projects.
Development_Review_Application.doc109 KB
Checklist for final plat applications.
Final_Plat_Checklist.doc73 KB
A checklist for Preapplication Conferences for subdivision applications.
Pre_application_Conf_Checklist.doc60 KB
Checklist for Preliminary Plat and Preliminary Engineering applications.
Preliminary_Plat_Eng_Checklist.doc82 KB
collapse Category : General ‎(1)
This form can be used to for a Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A.). You may also contact the Department directly to make your F.O.I.A. request. This form will help us process your request but is not required to make a request.
FOIA_Request_Form.pdf63 KB
collapse Category : Subdivision Approvals ‎(5)
Street_Plat_ Vacation_Application
Application and submittal requirements for vacating plats and rights-of-ways.
Street_Plat_ Vacation_Application.doc1575 KB
Application and checklist to subdivide a parcel into no more than two lots.
Lot_Split_Review_Application_and_Checklist.pdf236 KB
Application and checklist for subdivision that results in creation of more than 5 lots.
Major_Subdivision_Review_Process_Application_and_Checklists.pdf254 KB
Application and checklist for subdivision that results in creation of 5 or fewer lots.
Minor_Subdivision_Review_Process_Application_and_Checklists.pdf441 KB
Planned Unit Development (PUD) Minor Modification Application
Planned_Unit_Development_(PUD)_Minor_Modification_Application.pdf96 KB
collapse Category : Temporary Use Permit ‎(18)
Form used to apply for Temporary Use Permit for Food Sales
temporary_food_sales.pdf55 KB
Application for used to apply for a Temporary Use Permit for farm produce sales.
temporary_produce_sales.pdf56 KB
Application to establish a temporary shelter during the rehabilitation or reconstruction of a residence that has been rendered unfit for human habitation due to fire or natural disaster.
Temporary_Shelter.pdf72 KB
Application to establish a temporary structure(s) for classrooms.
Temporary_Structure_For_Classrooms.pdf69 KB
Application to establish temporary structure(s) for farm housing incidental to an agriculturally exempt use.
Temporary_Structure_For_Farm_Housing.pdf71 KB
Application to establish a temporary structure during the construction of an approved nonresidential principal structure.
Temporary_Structures_During_Construction.pdf73 KB
Please use this application when applying for a temporary use permit for structures used for scientific research and testing.
Temporary_Structures_for_Scientific_Research_and_Testing.pdf69 KB
Application to conduct temporary events consisting of animal shows, animal exhibitions, and animal contests including dog shows, horse shows, etc.
Animal_Show.pdf97 KB
Please use this application when applying for a temporary use permit
Application_Temporary_Use.pdf212 KB
Application to establish a temporary batch plant for road construction.
Batch_Plant_for_Road_Construction.pdf75 KB
Application to conduct a temporary carnival or circus.
Carnival_or_Circus.pdf100 KB
Application to conduct temporary sale of Christmas Trees.
Christmas_Tree_Sale.pdf80 KB
Application to establish a temporary contractor’s model home during a residential subdivision construction project.
Contractors_Model_Home.pdf75 KB
Application to establish a contractor’s office and construction equipment sheds during a construction project.
Contractors_Office.pdf79 KB
Application for a special public event such as picnics, races for motorized vehicles, water craft or air craft races, fishing derbies, dinner dances, fund raisers, survival games, haunted houses, outdoor concerts, auctions, tent meetings, etc.
Events_of_Public_Interest.pdf104 KB
Application to conduct a public fireworks display.
Fireworks_Display.pdf104 KB
Application to conduct a temporary garage sale.
Garage_Sale.pdf60 KB
Application to establish a temporary real estate sales office for an approved development project.
Real_Estate_Sales_Office.pdf78 KB
collapse Category : Zoning Approvals ‎(18)
The information contained in this package is to help you become familiar with the various requirements that must be met before your rezoning application can be accepted.
Rezoning_Information.pdf97 KB
Checklist and application to determine that all UDO requirements including density, impervious surface ratio, floor area ratio, landscaping, parking, lighting, signage, etc. are met for non-residential development.
Site_Capacity_and_Site_Plan_Review.pdf998 KB
This document is a tool to guide the applicant(s) through the written application process for a written Zoning Determination (example: zoning classification, setback analysis, permitted uses, etc.).
UDO_Zoning_Letter_Application.doc48 KB
Instructions and forms to apply for an amendment to the text of the Unified Development Ordinance.
Zoning_Text_Amendment_Application.doc102 KB
This packet contains information for minor amd major variations.
zoning_variation_information.doc124 KB
Administrative_ Appeal_Application
Instructions and forms for applying for an administrative appeal (appeals of staff decisions relating to the Unified Development Ordinance) to the Zoning Board of Appeals
Administrative_ Appeal_Application.doc102 KB
Administrative_Conditional_Use_ Permit_Application
Application to make an administrative determination whether a specific use qualifies retro-actively for a Conditional Use Permit.
Administrative_Conditional_Use_ Permit_Application.pdf18 KB
Instructions and forms for applying for a zoning variation to deviate by 10% or less from applicable standards.
Administrative_Variation_Application.doc105 KB
Application for the establishment of an adult entertainment facility.
Adult_Entertainment_Application.pdf93 KB
Application to determine whether a proposed agricultural use is exempt from UDO zoning regulations and Lake County Building Codes pursuant to Illinois State Statute.
Agricultural_Exemption_Application.pdf69 KB
Instructions and forms for applying for a delegated conditional use permit (the Zoning Board of Appeals has the final decision making authority).
Conditional_Use_Permit_Delegated.pdf77 KB
Instructions and forms for applying for a non-delegated conditional use permit (the County Board makes the final decision).
Conditional_Use_Permit_Nondelegated.pdf76 KB
CUP Amendment - Accessory Uses Application
This document has been created by the Lake County Department of Planning, Building and Development as a tool to guide the applicant(s) through the application process for Conditional Use Permit (CUP) amendments involving accessory uses and/or structures.
CUP Amendment - Accessory Uses Application.pdf41 KB
Application to establish a home-based business.
Customary_Home_Occupation_Application.doc75 KB
Application to request an interpretation of unclear or ambiguous regulations of the Unified Development Ordinance.
Interpretation_Application.doc52 KB
This application relates to the determination whether a specific use, structure or parcel is properly considered legally nonconforming.
Legal_Nonconforming_Determination_Application.doc50 KB
Telecommunications_Facility.pdf73 KB
Form used to combine a series of nonconforming parcels through a covenant
Lot_Consolidation_Covenant_Instrament.pdf146 KB

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