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Community Services

The Crime Prevention Division handles many of our community services and is dedicated to providing public safety education and information to the citizens of Lake County. This is accomplished through public speaking engagements and dissemination of written safety materials to community schools, civic groups, homeowners associations and other interested parties. The main goal of the Community Services Division is to educate the public in ways individuals can help prevent crime and cooperate with law enforcement. Programs available to help reduce criminal victimization and improve the quality of life of residents

The Crime Prevention Division can be reached at 847.377.4211 to learn more about any of these services.


Community Policing Contact Program
This program, initiated in 1999, is designed to improve relations with the public and to form a working partnership regarding policing strategies

Neighborhood Watch
The main goal of this program is to make homes less of a target for burglaries and other criminal activity through crime prevention education and enhanced communication between residents and the Sheriff’s Office. This program offers the each member of the community the ability to take an active role in promoting a more peaceful and safer neighborhood for everyone in the community.

Home Security
This program provides presentations on the topic of home security for community residence and small business owners. The presentation takes an in-depth look into the various types of entry points on a home or building. Additional devices, such as, alarm systems, closed circuit television (CCTV), locksets and other methods used to secure doors and windows are covered. Employee internal theft procedures are discussed when working with small businesses.

Home Security Survey
Upon request the crime prevention deputy provides detailed inspections of the interior and exterior of residential homes. Upon analyzing these inspections, the officer makes recommendations on improving home security.

Traveling Alone
This awareness program provides education to people who travel alone, whether they are in a car traveling to the mall or taking a trip abroad.

Safety on Call
This program provides assistance to victims of any violent crime, including domestic battery, who are in potential danger or who express reasons for fearing intimidation or further victimization. The program provides emergency communication to the Sheriff's Office through a cellular telephone in which a victim can call 911 for assistance. The cell phones are issued through the Highway Patrol Division at no cost to the recipient. The telephone service will only allow contact with the 911 emergency service providers. Non-emergency calls to other than 911 are not possible.

McGruff the Crime Dog
McGruff is a national figure, copyrighted by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). A life size costume of McGruff the Crime Dog is utilized to promote crime prevention for children within our community.

Bicycle Safety
This program is designed to inform young children how to properly operate a bicycle. Instructions include Rules of the Road, why safety equipment is important and general maintenance of bicycles.

Career Shadow Day
Community Services participates with local high schools during their Career Shadow Day Programs, which offers an opportunity for high school seniors to work side by side with a Sheriff’s Deputy for one (1) working day.

Personal Safety and Security
This program provides presentations to community groups about personal safety and security. These presentations are provided to all age groups from school children to senior citizen groups. Topics expressed in this presentation include identifying victim’s vulnerabilities, recognizing hazardous situations, and, applying practical safety tips in an effort to reduce the opportunity for a crime to occur.

Illinois Sheriff’s Association Scholarship Program
The Illinois Sheriff’s Association annually issues over one hundred (100) scholarships throughout the state. Eligible Lake County students compete for three (3), $500 scholarships that are awarded in Lake County each year. Applicants for the scholarships compete in an essay contest, as part of their application process.

Child Fingerprinting
This program is designed to fingerprint children over the age of three (3) years old for the purpose of identification. Fingerprinting is conducted upon request at the Sheriff’s Administrative Office, the annual Lake County Fair, school functions, community gatherings, corporate safety days and civic organizations.

“Are You OK?” is a personal wellness check we make by telephone to the homebound - living alone citizens, at a pre-determined time each day. 

D.U.I. Awareness
This program provides presentations about driving under the influence to local high school and junior college students. These presentations inform young adults on the current Illinois State D.U.I. laws and stress how the effects of consuming alcoholic beverages can impair a person’s judgment. Demonstrations of field sobriety tests are performed with volunteers from the group. These volunteers wear fatal vision goggles that cause their body to react as if they were intoxicated. These goggles provide a very effective tool for demonstrating poor motor skills and how those impaired individuals fail in their attempts to compensate for intoxication.

Volunteer Senior Advocates
The Sheriff’s Office established the Senior Advocacy Program in 1995 to more adequately address the needs of elderly persons with in our community. A liaison officer from the Crime Prevention and Community Service Division meets with this group on a monthly basis. Together the group works on methods to enhance the delivery of law enforcement and human services to the seniors of Lake County, by providing education and information to our senior volunteers.


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