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Lake County State's Attorney  
What are the Effects of Domestic Violence on Children?
Children who hear or see abuse against a parent are affected whether or not they are abused directly. The effects of domestic violence can be serious, long lasting and can include:
  1. withdrawal from other people and activities;
  2. sleeplessness;
  3. headaches or stomachaches;
  4. depression, sadness;
  5. lack of trust in others;
  6. fear of being separated from you;
  7. anxiety or nervousness about being killed or hurt;
  8. holding feelings in
  9. behavior problems at home and/or school;
  10. change in eating habits and/or eating disorders;
  11. alcohol or drug abuse;
  12. aggressiveness/fighting;
  13. injury while trying to rescue the abused parent;
  14. abuse in their adult relationships;
  15. fighting with others;
  16. temper tantrums;
  17. suicide attempts;
  18. bed wetting or regression to early development stages;
  19. overachieving;
  20. and stealing or other juvenile crimes.
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