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Lake County State's Attorney  

Reporting Domestic Violence

What will happen if you report a case of domestic violence?

Once an officer has responded to a scene, a report is taken and the Felony Review Division of the State's Attorneys Office is contacted.

The Felony Review Division starts the early stages of the criminal case. If it is determined that the facts warrant charging an offender, the case will be charged and a bond hearing will take place in C-120.

You will be contacted by one of the Felony Review Counselors. If you have not heard from her within 24 hours, she can be contacted at 847.377.3000. She can explain the procedures, bond, charges and future court dates.

The counselor can also explain the option of obtaining an Order of Protection.

If after the charges are issued, the case is deemed as a domestic violence misdemeanor case, it will be assigned to C-221. All domestic violence misdemeanor cases and Order of Protection hearings are held in this courtroom. . They can be reached at 847.377.3100.  A map of the courthouse is available.

If your case is a felony case, call 847.377.3000 to speak with your counselor.

At any time, throughout the criminal proceeding, these people are available to answer any questions or concerns about a case. Contact with a victim will be made by the State's Attorneys Office in a variety of ways throughout a case. 

If you move, or no longer have a phone, it is imperative that the office is notified.

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