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Notice is hereby given that Statements of Interest (SOI) are requested together with Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) for furnishing professional civil engineering services on the following projects.  SOI/SOQ shall be submitted via email to following “SOI/SOQ Submittal Instructions” on our website:

Submission deadline is 10:00 A.M. on Friday, February 19, 2016.


  1. Section No. 15-00289-01-BT: Preparation of Phase II engineering plans and specifications for the intersection improvement at the intersection of Miller Road and US Route 12 in the Village of Lake Zurich. The intersection improvement is to provide exclusive left turn lanes on Miller Road and revise the signal phasing to provide protected left turns. The final intersection configuration will be determined during the design process. The work will include an intersection design study; investigate the need for pedestrian accommodations; field surveys; a wetlands delineation and report; pavement cores, a soils report; coordination with utility companies; coordination with LCSMC, IDOT, permitting agencies and local communities; a LDS; preparation of plats and legal descriptions; possibly an environmental assessment PESA and PSI; as well as preliminary and final plans, specifications, estimates and other Phase II work.Engineering and construction for this project will be locally funded.


  2. Structural Engineering Services: Supplementing LCDOT staff to conduct various types of National Bridge Inspection Standard (NBIS) bridge inspections including In-Depth and Underwater Inspections; and could include Damage and Load Rating Inspections. Initial Inspections or Routine Inspections are not included.These inspections would be completed to comply with the requirements of IDOT Structural Services Manual.Currently one bridge requires Underwater Inspections (2018) and 29 structures require In-Depth Inspections (2018).Other miscellaneous inspections that could also be included are evaluation of culvert conditions and recommended repair or replacement options along with short term bracing design, if necessary; evaluation of retaining wall condition and recommended repair of replacement options; shop drawing reviews; inspection and evaluation of the bridge deck condition with recommended repair options at the Stearns School Road over Illinois Tollway bridge; and other miscellaneous questions or assessments that might occur.All Consultant Program Managers and Team Leaders shall meet IDOT requirements.


  3. Section No. 16-00268-15-TL: Network Integration services for the existing Lake County PASSAGE Network and Advanced Traffic Management System. The PASSAGE system infrastructure consists of a gigabit Ethernet backbone of switches, routers, and firewalls to communicate with traffic signal controllers, PTZ cameras, wireless communications equipment, and other IP devices, along with providing direct and remote connections for authorized users. The PASSAGE ATMS includes custom built software enabling LCDOT users to monitor traffic conditions, control and monitor PTZ cameras, police CAD interface, traffic incident reporting and locating, video wall interface and connection, network alarms and monitoring, PTZ snapshot storage and distribution, Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) control, Portable Changeable Message Sign monitoring and control, congestion mapping, public website and email notification, including a variety of automated server functions and system capabilities. The consultant will be responsible to perform, but not limited to, IP addressing and scheme maintenance, ATMS software management and development (currently utilizing JAVA), Cisco switch configurations, website interface, server configuration and settings, VPN and firewall maintenance and support, and field maintenance of network switches and video encoders. The consultant shall participate in bi-weekly coordination meetings at the Lake County DOT offices and provide on-site support when needed. All Consultant Program Managers and Team Leaders shall meet IDOT requirements and the firm must have demonstrated experience with Linux, various programming languages including Java, Cisco Network Switches, Routers, and Firewalls, network development and support, and maintenance of network field equipment.


Respondents shall include in their SOI a current IDOT prequalification listing. Statement of Qualifications should be concise and directly relate to the project(s) of interest.

The County, in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois, hereby notifies all firms expressing statements of interest that it will affirmatively insure that the contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement will be awarded without discrimination on the grounds of race, color or national origin.            

 By order of the Lake County Engineer

 Paula J. Trigg, P.E.

 Director of Transportation/County Engineer 

Publish on February 8th and 15th, 2016

PJT and the following: tps, gsp, jpn




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