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Illinois Route 120 - Gilmer Road Corridor Study

​The Lake County Division of Transportation hosted a public information meeting on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 to discuss the proposed study of the Illinois Route 120 Corridor through the villages of Lakemoor and Volo. A component of this study involves the potential relocation of a portion of Gilmer Road, a western extension of Ellis Drive, potential intersection improvements at Volo Village Road and US Route 12, and various traffic signal improvements.

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2014-02-11_CONCEPT_A_2040_ADT.pdfProjected 2040 Traffic Volumes: Concept A2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_CONCEPT_A_2040_ADT
2014-02-11_CONCEPT_B_2040_ADT.pdfProjected 2040 Traffic Volumes: Concept B2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_CONCEPT_B_2040_ADT
2014-02-11_CONCEPT_K.pdfNorthern Ring Road: Concept K2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_CONCEPT_K
2014-02-11_CONCEPTS_A-B_DETAIL_VIEW.pdfGilmer Road Realignment: Concepts A & B2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_CONCEPTS_A-B_DETAIL_VIEW
2014-02-11_CONCEPTS_C-D_DETAIL_VIEW.pdfEllis Drive Extension: Concepts C & D2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_CONCEPTS_C-D_DETAIL_VIEW
2014-02-11_CONCEPTS_E-F-G-H_DETAIL_VIEW.pdfEllis Drive Extension: Concepts E-H2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_CONCEPTS_E-F-G-H_DETAIL_VIEW
2014-02-11_CONCEPTS_I-J.pdfNorthern Ring Road: Concepts I & J2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_CONCEPTS_I-J
2014-02-11_EXISTING_(2013)_LOS.pdfExisting Conditions, 2013 Levels of Service, 2009-2012 Crash History2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_EXISTING_(2013)_LOS
2014-02-11_NO-BUILD_(2040)_ADT.pdf2013 and Projected 2040 Traffic Volumes: No-Build Alternative2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_NO-BUILD_(2040)_ADT
2014-02-11_NO-BUILD_(2040)_LOS.pdfProjected 2040 Levels of Service: No Build Alternative2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_NO-BUILD_(2040)_LOS
2014-02-11_PROJECT_LOCATION_MAP.pdfProject Location Map2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_PROJECT_LOCATION_MAP
2014-02-11_REGIONAL_NON-MOTORIZED_ACCOMMODATIONS.pdfRegional Non-motorized Accommodations2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_REGIONAL_NON-MOTORIZED_ACCOMMODATIONS
2014-02-11_STUDY_AREA_OVERVIEW.pdfStudy Area Overview2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_STUDY_AREA_OVERVIEW
2014-02-11_TIMELINE.pdfStudy Timeline2/13/2014 9:35 AM2014-02-11_TIMELINE


Note: Digital images of study exhibits not to scale

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