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Anticipated Construction Projects

If you have issues displaying the map: Click to view the map application in a bigger window.

This interactive map uses new technology to display visual information about this years construction plans. To get the most of this application, we recommend you use a newer browser, that supports the required javascript libraries. You can find a list of supported browsers and steps to upgrade here:

The application contains two parts, the interactive map, and the data table. 


Map Functionality



You can pan the map by clicking and dragging anywhere in the county, or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. 


You may zoom in and out of the map by double clicking, using your mouse scroll wheel, or by holding Shift while dragging a box around the area you would like to zoom into. You may also use the buttons at the top left to zoom in and out.

View a Feature's information:

To view more information on a feature in the map, such as the route information, let date, etc. you can simply click on the line related to that feature. This will open a popup box with more information. To automatically zoom in further to the selected feature, there is a 'Zoom to' Link within this text box.

View/Hide Legend:

Beneath the Zoom controls on the top left is a toggle button that will hide or show the legend for the map.

Project Website:

If the selected feature has a project website available, it will show up in the popup after clicking the feature. Clicking on the link will open a new window to the website.

Printing the map and table:

Printing the map may not work as expected. Use the attached pdf at the top of this page to print a version of this map.


Data Table Functionality 

Sort by column:

You can sort the data table using any of the available columns, including by date. Simply click on the column heading to enable this feature.

Pan map to feature:

To see where a certain feature is located on the map, click on the row associated with the feature. This will pan the map to the geographic coordinates of the feature. You may want to zoom the map in further before doing this, so it will give you a better idea of where it is located.

Project Website:

If a feature has a project website available, it will show up in the first column. Clicking on the link will open a new window to the website.


Known issues:

  • In old versions of Internet Explorer, the mini scrollbar on the data table does not work, instead a larger scrollbar will show up on the left of the map which will scroll the entire application.
  • Sometimes, labels on the map will appear on top of other labels. Zoom in further on the map to solve this.

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