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Lake County Treasurer  

Payments by Mail                    

1st Installment Due Date                                  June 3, 2015

2nd Installment Due Date                        September 3, 2015

To avoid late payment – under state law, only U.S. Postmarked (not metered) envelopes will be accepted. Must be postmarked prior to or on the due date.

  • To pay by installment - send installment coupon and check prior to the due date.
  • To pay in full - send both installment coupons and check, keeping bottom portion for your records.
  • Because of electronic lockbox processing, we will not be responsible for holding post-dated or unsigned checks.  Be aware that checks may be processed on the day they are received, which may incur additional fee's.

  When paying by check be sure that the face of your check has the following:  

  •  Name and current address 
  • 10 digit Property Index Number (PIN#) 
  • Current date (no post-dated checks) 
  • Valid signature 
  • Made payable to Lake County Collector
    Please use the envelopes provided when mailing in your payment.

    New this year:

    The return envelopes that accompany your tax bill will include the return address of our new PO BOX located in Bedford Park, IL. This location was selected as it is the closest Post Office to our Lock Box facility. We are very excited for this new option as we are always looking for ways to improve productivity here at the Treasurers’ office.



                    If you have misplaced our envelopes, please mail to: 
                 Lake County Collector
                18 N. County St., Rm. 102
                 Waukegan, IL 60085


*Your canceled check is your receipt. Within two weeks, verify that your check
  clears with your financial institution. In addition, you may verify the posting of 
  your payment on this website, at Payment Status.


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