Our business service team members can meet with you to develop a customized strategy to address your organization’s talent needs.
Let us help you to:
  • Connect to our diverse pool of highly qualified candidates.
  • Maximize the potential of your workforce through specialized training.
  • Manage your employer brand during a downsizing or reorganization.
Metalex recruiter


When a Human Resource staff member from Metalex attended the Manufacturing Meet and Greet at the Job Center, the event narrowed down the candidate pool for her.  She saved recruitment sourcing time and benchmarked comparable positions at other companies.
Ross Sign


When this national retailer opened a new store in Lake County, Workforce staff scheduled a hiring event for Ross at the Job Center.  Ross staff met and interviewed over 240 people at the Job Center within three days.  The store opened its new Waukegan site on time and with the needed staff.
County Information Technology Man

County Information Technology

When the Information Technology Department for Lake County heard that Workforce Development could fund trainees for an internship, they asked to see resumes.  Eventually, several interns were hired permanently.
Zion Township Blonde Woman

Zion Township

Zion Township found that working with the Business Service Team at the Job Center "took the tediousness and politics out of our recruitment."