Our Organization

The mission of the Lake County Regional Office of Education is to serve as an advocate for education by providing positive leadership, performing regulatory functions as directed by the School Code of Illinois and the Illinois State Board of Education, coordinating and delivering state and local services, and disseminating information for educators, school districts and the community.

To effectively carry out this mission, the Lake County Regional Office of Education supports and assists the 45 school districts in Lake County by:
  • Exercising supervision and control over all school districts.
  • Serving as the official advisor and assistant to school officers and teachers in the region.
  • Administering programs for children with special needs such as GED testing, drug abuse and truancy prevention - all programs which districts cannot often provide alone.
  • Providing technical support for schools, including professional development activities for teachers and administrators, and certification services for more than 20,000 educators every year.
  • Conducting school compliance visits to ensure that all Lake County school districts are meeting state standards especially in the area of curriculum.
  • Ensuring the safety of our children in school buildings, school transportation vehicles and food service facilities - in the total educational environment.
  • Safeguarding the resources that are used in the education of our children.
  • Upholding fiscal standards and facilitating the resolution of school legal issues.
  • Helping bring state and federal dollars back to Lake County for educational programs that benefit our citizens.
Providing for the Children
Additionally, the Lake County Regional Office of Education works closely with many agencies of our community and state and local governments in helping to provide our children with the necessary tools for success in every sense of the word and to help shape and enrich their view of the world.

Not only are we determined that any Lake County citizen who has a need and a desire for an educational opportunity shall have it, we are firm in our belief that "every child should have an opportunity to be successful every day."