MAPP Process

The MAPP process consists of 6 phases:

  • Phase 1: Organizing and Developing Planning Partnerships - The purpose of this phase is to structure a planning process that builds commitment, engages participants and results in a plan that can be  realistically implemented.
  • Phase 2: Visioning - Vision and values statements provide focus, purpose, and direction to the process so that participants collectively achieve a shared vision for the future.
  • Phase 3: Four Assessments - Assessments are conducted that collaboratively yield important information for improving community health. Descriptions and the links to Lake County’s MAPP Assessments.
  • Phase 4: Strategic Issues - An ordered list is created of the most important issues facing the community. This list builds upon the vision statement and assessments.
  • Phase 5: Goals/Strategies - Goals are formulated based on the strategic issues identified in the previous phase. Then, broad strategies are identified  to address issues and achieve goals related to the community's vision.
  • Phase 6: Action Cycle - Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation activities occur in this phase. Each of these activities builds upon the others in a continuous and interactive manner.
MAPP Process
MAPP Road Map