Halloween Safety

Halloween is an exciting time of year for children and parents. The opportunity to choose a costume and join friends for trick or treating is loads of fun.

Our office is providing safety tips to ensure Halloween is a safe and enjoyable experience for our young ones.


  • Be extra careful driving through neighborhoods. Children become excited and may suddenly appear without warning and without flashlights. Drive slowly.
  • Teenage drivers should be extremely cautious driving since they are not experienced with the sudden appearance of obstacles in the street.
  • Remember, costumes can limit a child’s visibility and they may not see you.
  • Do not drive impaired or intoxicated. If you are impaired or intoxicated, call a cab - keep yourself and others safe.


  • Purchase costumes that are flame retardant and be sure they fit children well to reduce falls.
  • Consider light colored costumes or if costumes are dark, place reflector tape on the costume for increased visibility. Face paint instead of masks increases a child’s visibility.
  • Always carry a flashlight and consider providing children glow sticks.
  • Children 12 and under should be accompanied by a parent.
  • Advise children over 12 to travel in groups for extra safety and to only go to homes that have a light on the porch or front entry.
  • Set a time limit for children over 12 and advise them to stay in the neighborhood and never enter the home of a stranger.
  • Advise children to stay on well-lit streets and avoid alleys, shortcuts through parks or backyards.


  •  Be safe by walking with your parent or an older brother or sister.  Never go trick or treating by yourself.
  •  Never go into a stranger’s house.
  •  Never get into a stranger’s car.
  •  Make sure your parents check your candy before you eat it.
  •  Make sure your shoes are comfortable so your feet won’t hurt.
  •  Make sure you obey the Stop signs: Stop, Look, Listen...and then you can go.
  •  Look both ways before crossing the street.
  •  Always walk on the sidewalks and never walk on the streets. Cars may not see you.


  •  Do not leave your home unattended during trick or treating hours.
  •  Keep pets inside your home and safe during trick or treating.
  •  Do not invite children you do not know into your home.
  •  Provide only commercially wrapped food products to trick or treaters. 
  • Keeping kids safe during Halloween and ensuring your property and pets are safe is important to us. We hope you find these tips helpful You can download these tips along with a Halloween-safety activity book for children.

    Sheriff Mark C. Curran, Jr.