Mental Health Coalition

Meeting Information

The committee meetings meet in the 1st Floor Grand Room at the Lake County Health Department/Community Health Center, 3010 Grand Avenue, Waukegan.

The Mental Health Coalition Sub-Committees are working on multiple areas, including:
  • Data Sharing (sharing unduplicated, de-identified, aggregated data)
  • Data Governance
  • Legislation
  • Anti-Stigma Campaign
Mental Health Coalition
Pilot Data Sharing Sub-Committee
Data Governance Sub-Committee
Legislative Sub-Committee
Anti-Stigma Campaign Sub-Committee


The Lake County Mental Health Coalition was created in August 2016. It includes a diverse group of stakeholders representing hospitals, health, housing and others. They focus on data-sharing and evidence-based practices to identify gaps, and recommend a sustainable continuum of care for this vulnerable population so they can receive consistent treatment in order to maintain their health and well-being.

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Lake County Mental Health Coalition Sub-Committees:
Pilot Data Sharing Sub-Committee is working on developing a cross-system platform to share aggregate, de-identified, and unduplicated behavioral health data to inform on service needs.

Data Governance Sub-Committee is working on the legal structure and agreements for collecting, storing, and sharing aggregate, de-identified, and unduplicated behavioral health data. 

Legislative Sub-Committee is working to move the current Illinois statutes to an environment that encourages coordination of care through cross-system electronic sharing of behavioral health data.

Anti-Stigma Campaign Sub-Committee will develop and implement an anti-stigma campaign to help all of the people of Lake County to maintain their total health including mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical health; and further to prevent and reduce mental, emotional, and behavioral illness. 

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